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At last. I finally got me a guy! 😀 Most of you have probably noticed that our Protocol Participants have been firmly in the estrogen brigade, but we now have the pleasure of welcoming some testosterone into our midst.

Todd will join us on Monday, March 5 — but please take some time to learn about him now.

Todd’s Introduction:

Hello everyone my name is Todd. I’m thirty-three, 6’6” (no, I didn’t play basketball) and weigh 322 pounds.

I will be the first guy to participate in the Protocol, and I really look forward to shedding all this weight and fixing my body. I don’t want to end up a diabetic.  I’ve seen others in my family struggle with this and I know they don’t want that for me either. My metabolic blood tests weren’t encouraging. I have Hyperinsulinemia and am Hypothyroid with Thyroid Hormone Resistance. And my Triglycerides are through the roof.

My sister Kym is also a Protocol Participant and seeing her in person when I was back home for Christmas really pushed me into wanting to know more. She is my inspiration for joining this group, and I’m so proud of her!

I’ve struggled with weight since the fifth grade. I was a thin child until then but began to gain. And gain. It really took a slice out of my self-esteem, and I remember having very dark thoughts about myself in my teens because of the weight and because I was also struggling with being gay. I found a group of people that really helped me to change my life which made me feel better about being gay. I realized then that living is worthwhile, and that it does get better. However, dealing with my weight seemed like a huge struggle, but now I know the Protocol will help me.

A few years ago I did a bit better by watching what I eat and exercising, but I still didn’t feel energized. I was tired all the time even while losing weight. Eventually I got down to 260.

Then in January, 2011 I suffered a huge blow when my father passed away. Losing him was really hard on me, and to cope I did what I knew best, which was eating. I ate and ate and ate. I know my father wouldn’t want me to be like this, or to feel like this, with no energy most of the time. SugarFree could tell that just by talking to me.

It’s been hard to get up and move before going to work. I’m like a lazy slug now and I don’t want to stay this way. I knew Kym had tried HCG and for a while though about trying it myself, but I’m glad I didn’t. She lost weight on it but with what she has lost on Protocol she looks so much more amazing. She also seems happier and looks like she feels great all the time.

So SugarFree here’s to you: My Knight in Shining Armor!  I can’t wait to begin my journey of fixing my body and living a better life!

Protocol Round 1, Week 1, Day 1 – 3/5

Weight: 318.2 pounds

Chest: 50.5″
Waist: 57″
Hips: 48.5″

-8 oz Ribeye Steak
-5 oz green beans
-8 oz spinach
-3 large whole eggs
-3 large white only eggs
-1 oz red bell pepper
-2 oz potato
-1 T. Butter

FitDay Stats:
Calories: 1077
Fat: 77 grams (64%)
Protein: 73.3 grams (27%)
Carbs: 22.6 (9%)

Ketostix: Negative

Blood Glucose:
– Fasting: 93
– 1 hour PP (after meal): 98
– 3 hour PP (after meal): 83

I hope today went okay and that the next time will go smoother. This morning I woke up feeling sluggish and wanting to go back to bed. But I got in gear, made my meal for the day and it was very good! I even did okay with the spinach since its not one of my favorites. I still feel full three hours later and with a five-hour drive tonight I hope that feeling lasts.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to take my 2-hr blood sugar test until the third hour since I was struggling to learn how to use the strips. I think I have it now! Also after talking with SugarFree I won’t be reporting until Wednesday or Thursday as I’m going home to be with family for a funeral. SugarFree gave me a major pep talk about staying on the straight and narrow on the road and there, and luckily my sister Kym will be there to keep me on the path. See you all soon.

Protocol Round 1, Week 1, Day 4 – 3/8

Weight: 306.4 pounds = down 11.8 pounds

-8 oz Ribeye Steak
-5 oz green beans
-8 oz spinach
-3 large whole eggs
-3 large white only eggs
-1 oz red bell pepper
-1 oz potato
-1 T. Butter

FitDay Stats:
Calories: 796
Fat: 45.7 grams (52%)
Protein: 73.3 grams (40%)
Carbs: 22.6 (8%)

Ketostix: Trace

Blood Glucose:
– Fasting: 96
– 1 hour PP (after meal): 96
– 2 hour PP (after meal): 102
– 3 hour PP (after meal):  99

Thank you SugarFree!

I was very glad that I was able to get back home to be my family. It was great to see everyone again but wish it had been under better circumstances. It was a difficult time being there with temptations and all so I’m glad Kym was there to lean on for support.

My first meal on day one it was amazing I wasn’t hungry until almost 24 hours later. Also I’m questioning that weight change also.  It just seems like a lot.

[Note: Wow! Do you remember when we first spoke before you began, and I told you that the weight was going to pour off because you were a guy? Nice to be right in this case. 🙂 Sure, most of it is water, but as you’ll see on Monday, the measuring tape will show that some is fat. And that’s why you haven’t been hungry. You may be putting limited calories in your mouth, but your body is feeding itself with an additional 2000 calories from your fat stores. And fuel is fuel; it doesn’t matter where it comes from, it just matters that you have enough of it.

And so, yes — you really have gone from 322 pounds pre-Protocol, to 306 pounds today, for a total loss of 16 pounds. You’ll be out of the 300 pound range next week — and you’ll never be back. Wave bye-bye to that number on the scale when it passes by. :D]

Protocol Round 1, Week 1, Day 5 – 3/9

Weight: 306.2 pounds = down .2 pounds

– 16 oz Pork Chop
– 5 oz green beans
– 4 oz spinach
– 4 oz kale
– 1 oz red bell pepper
– 2 oz potato
– 3 T. Butter

FitDay Stats:
Calories: 1229
Fat: 83.8 grams (61%)
Protein: 98 grams (32%)
Carbs: 20.7 (7%)

Ketostix: Trace

Blood Glucose:
– Fasting: 96
– 1 hour PP (after meal): 114
– 2 hour PP (after meal): 95

I’ve been feeling great and so much better than I have been. It has been easier to wake up in the morning and have that energy even till the end of my work shift at 11 p.m.  My 1-hour PP really spiked but it recovered nicely compared to yesterday.

[Note: Todd, as a new participant you’ll soon discover that the word ‘spiked’ is never followed by the word ‘but’. It’s followed by the word ‘so’ as in: “My 1-hour PP really spiked, so tomorrow no potato or red pepper [or fill-in-the-blank of whatever spiked your sugar] for me! 🙂 The meter isn’t there just to show you a number. It’s to teach you how to eat well. It’s to show you the foods that make you ill, and to show you the foods that make you well. Your job is to read the meter, then immediately go over the day’s menu with your detective hat on, and find the food that made the meter mad. And then . . . not eat it. 😀 Maybe not ever again, or maybe just until you heal a bit more.]

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8 Responses to SugarFree Protocol – Todd

  1. Theresa says:

    Welcome, Todd!


  2. Kym says:

    I am so excited that my brother Todd has joined our journey to health. It has been a rough beginning for him, starting just as we lost our grandmother. Stress happens in our lives all the time, but we still need to do our best for ourselves, and Todd is starting Protocol during one of the most stressful experiences in life. But he will prevail. He has SugarFree for guidance and support as well as me. Good luck brother — I know you will succeed!


    • Kym and Todd,

      I know all our readers join me in expressing the deepest sympathy for your loss. I am so glad you got to be with her in the final week, and tell her everything that was in your heart. She will always be with you.


  3. Kym says:

    Todd, you’ve lost 11.08 pounds since Monday? That’s only five days and is soooooo unfair — but I’m very happy for you! Can’t wait to see your measurements on Monday; I’m sure you’re feeling great already.


    • Todd says:

      Kym, I know! I was shocked too, and questioned the loss, but I’LL TAKE IT! [ha ha] I feel great right now and my energy is up there also. Thank you, Kym, this wouldn’t be possible without your support. SugarFree’s too.


  4. Erica says:

    I’ve read your entire blog with interest. I too am hypothyroid and insulin resistant with PCOS. I recently lost 16 lbs on a juice diet – all veggies and fruit. How do you explain me doing so well on a super high carb diet? I am VERY intrigued by your hypothesis since in the past I have adopted a slightly higher fat and lower carb diet with good results. Great work!


    • Erica, thank you for the kind words. However, I’m afraid I can easily explain your weight loss on a juice diet, but it might not be easy to hear.

      People often confuse “losing weight” with losing fat, or being healthy. Unfortunately, they are not mutually inclusive. In other words, you can lose weight in the form of lean muscle mass, as I suspect you have done, but that’s not the same as losing dangerous adipose fat. Nor is it the same as being healthy.

      What you have done is bludgeon your body into submission, starving it. In your own blog you talk about being tired. I’m not surprised. Your diet is dangerous, and it will possibly lead to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. And for what? You must know, if you read the entire blog here, that before you can become healthy again (your stated goal) you must first get to the root cause of what made you fat, and that is insulin resistance. And that once you find that root, you can fix it forever. Without starving. Without running every day. Without having to resort to a fad diet.

      Insulin resistance is fueled by sugar, and you are eating sugar and more sugar. Breast cancer cells are fueled by sugar and you are eating their favorite food, day after day. Hypothyroidism is fueled by very low calorie OR low carb diets over an extended period, and you have eaten a low calorie diet for a long time. Fat consumption enables cholesterol to make all the hormones in our bodies, including estrogen and all thyroid hormones. You aren’t eating enough fat to let that happen, so imagine what is happening inside you on a cellular level.

      I’m glad you wrote. I don’t know you, but I’m going to urge you to stop eating this way, and to start eating real food. I’ll be in touch privately, and if there is anything I can do to help, I will be happy to do it.


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