Metabolic Blood Tests Without Prescription

If you need blood tests to diagnose your particular metabolic disorder, and either you don’t have insurance or your doctor refuses to order them, you can get them yourself.

Without needing a doctor’s prescription (they’ll send you the results by email) you can use this discounted lab for a leptin resistance panel (that diagnoses thyroid and insulin resistance too!):

You MUST use this website address for the codes to work:


PPL14 is the code for the FULL Leptin Panel, which consists of all 6 tests below. You can do these by individual tests instead if you prefer. The cost for the panel is $223.00

Individual Test Codes:

Leptin ……………. 146712 ….. $73.75
Free T3 …………..10389 ……. $55.50
Free T4 …………..1974 ……. $36.00
Reverse T3 Serum ….. 070104 ……. $63.50
Fasting Insulin …..4333 ……. $19.00
Ferritin ………….. 4598 ……. $33.35

In addition to these, you can use another discount code: lr2010 = 2% off

This is for any test you might want to order NOT listed above. For example, if you haven’t had them recently (or at all), you should get a Fasting Glucose, A1c and Vitamin D test as well — though your doctor should certainly be willing to order these. Ditto for a regular lipid panel and, if you suspect you might have Hashimoto’s (an immune disorder variant of hypothyroidism) you should order the test for that as well.

There will be an additional $9.50 processing fee when you check out. That’s added once to your cart whether you order the full panel or individual tests. You’ll see it when you check out.

If there are others to whom you wish to give these codes, please remind them that for codes to work they must go to the website:

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25 Responses to Metabolic Blood Tests Without Prescription

  1. LisaAPB says:

    I went to have my leptin panel done today. The lab people at first were very confused about the whole thing, until they checked in their system and there I was! One of the gals remarked that she’d never heard of a leptin test and she was going to look it up. So I started a discussion with her and gave her some websites and literature to look up. She was obvious overweight, and her face lit up when I told her that science is now showing that obesity treatment may begin with correcting hormonal imbalance. She told me she had PCOS and adrenal fatigue. It told her to look up this blog and start researching. LOL!

    I did not get any other test done at this time. I have a lipid panel from August 2010, and going back every 2 years to 2000. I can get my thyroid tests going back the last 3 years if necessary. The real curiosity will be after I am done losing weight to see if there has been any changes/improvements.

  2. Desertgirl says:

    I ordered tests a few days ago. The code “lr2010” did not work for the discount. I tried “lr2011”, thinking it’s a new year, but it didn’t work either.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’ll contact the lab on Monday to try and get a new code or get them to reinstate that one if they no longer use it. Did the leptin panel code work properly?

      • LisaAPB says:

        FYI: I used the code on Thursday 4/7/11 when I ordered mine and it worked for a discount.

      • Was the code that worked for the Leptin Panel? Or did you also use lr2010 and get 2% off other tests besides the Leptin Panel? Because lr2010 will only work for tests other than the panel, not for the panel itself. To get the panel discount you need to use the panel code.

  3. Desertgirl says:

    The code for the leptin panel worked, but the code for other tests did not.

  4. Newme says:

    Lisa- im about to order the full panel ($223) to have done this week. I know i need the leptin test but just confirming that i do in fact need the FT3, FT4, reverse T3 too? Just these by themselves are more costly seperately than run as the panel- already had ferritin and fasting insulin but dr didnt order FT3 just total T3. Same cost as insurance plan- may as well get it done correctly!

    • NewMe the leptin panel contains the thyroid hormone tests and they are important, as you know. Since it’s less expensive to get them in the full panel and the panel also includes the leptin test you need, it seems like a good deal.

      Leptin resistance and thyroid hormone resistance are linked through the liver (the all-important liver!) though in a round-about way. Leptin gets produced by the adipose fat cells. They signal the hypothalamus about the state of your fat (assuming your leptin signaling is working properly). Your brain then makes a decision about whether to Burn or Store the nutrients you’ve consumed, and signals the liver to handle thyroid hormones in a certain way to do this. If your brain decides to Burn, it tells the liver to make extra T3 from T4. If your brain decides to Store, it can tell the liver to make more RT3 instead of T3. Only knowing the state of your leptin resistance (if any) without understanding your thyroid hormone resistance (if any) is like only seeing half a puzzle.

      The final piece of that puzzle is insulin resistance, so getting another fasting insulin test now on the same blood draw isn’t a bad idea. Hope this explains it all…

  5. Renee says:

    In addition to the Leptin panel we need an A1C…but which A1C is the right one? From what I see on the lab’s web site there are 3 versions of the test, each with a different code. One is WL024, the second is 001453, and the last is 102525. Which is the best one to order?


  6. Becky says:

    Ordered the panel for myself, can you suggest a resource for interpreting the results? Self-taught IR information junky. Excited to experiment on myself with your protocol. BTW, I already have a glucose meter and would be grateful for suggestions/recommendations for next steps.

    Love your cutting edge work! Thanks for what you’re doing to reveal the truth about weight loss!!

  7. Barbara Marshall says:

    Such intriguing information on this blog! I’m fascinated to see if will work for me. I’m fifty-nine, exercise regularly and I still need to lose twenty pounds though I would like to drop thirty. This, after doing 3 rounds of HCG, in which I lost significant weight (sixteen pounds) only during the first round. And it was torture!!!

    Worse, ten pounds of it are back.

    I understand the protein/fat/carb ratios and the need for the blood work, but how do I interpret them? I can’t imagine my regular GP or gyn-ob will have a clue about this nuanced approach to weight loss through repairing insulin resistance.

    And I’m a tad confused about how to use the glucose meter. Do you have some guidelines to send me? Can’t wait for the book!

  8. Dick Molsan says:

    Nice blog here! I’ve never even heard of some of these tests, let alone ever had them — LOL. Thanks so much for pointing out what our own doctors have missed.

  9. Marissa says:

    Dear SugarFree,

    I have found you from a fellow blogger, Caitlin. I’m beyond intrigued! Just this past holiday I was commenting to everyone what an addiction sugar is! I’m starting to see the truth in those words, but I’m overwhelmed at the moment. Is the ‘Full Leptin Panel’ and then the individual tests exactly what I should be asking my doctor for? I think she will be on board with this. Will you help me evaluate the information?

    I’m currently on HCG. Each round has been harder than the first. It was so easy in the beginning, but much harder now. It seems to screw with my will power to say the least. I’ve been as high as 255 pounds and my lowest weight was 145. I’m sitting at 175 right now. It’s always been a struggle for me. I want to change this for me and my two girls (3, 5), who have my body! I also feel very responsible for a large number of women at my work who are having results on HCG. Now that I’m seeing the handwriting on the wall, I want to get educated so I can help them too!

    Have you tailored any eating plans for children? I want to start implementing a true no-sugar diet for my children, but I’m not sure where to start.

    WOW is all I can say about your blog. So much to keep reading and taking in. Thanks for caring so much.


    • Missy, I’m so glad you found your way here. Let me try to answer your questions.

      First, the six individual tests in the Leptin Panel are what you should ask your doctor for, in addition to an A1c, fasting glucose, Lipid Panel (four tests in that: Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and Triglycerides), and finally, Vitamin D. These 10 tests will open a window into your metabolism and show exactly where it is broken. Look for a private email from me about helping you evaluate the results.

      Second, the reason you’re struggling on HCG right now has nothing to do with “will power” and in fact will power has absolutely nothing to do with gaining OR losing weight. That is completely controlled by your metabolic hormones, and if the signaling between them has broken down you cannot lose fat. You can lose weight, as you have, by starving yourself (the HCG, as you now know, does nothing whatsoever), but you haven’t lost much fat. Every time you went on a round of HCG, you lost muscle mass. Because you ate so little for such a long time, you also went into “starvation mode,” designed by evolution to keep our species alive in hard times. When that happens your brain sends signals to your metabolic hormones to slow everything down. So you’re probably also hypothyroid as a result.

      The problem is, once you’ve gone into starvation mode, the body is then primed to store almost everything you eat after that as FAT. So with each round of HCG you did, you lost more muscle and gained more fat. This made your initial insulin resistance — the reason you got fat to begin with — worse. That’s why very insulin resistant people blog about how subsequent HCG rounds “don’t work.” They never really worked to begin with, and now things have gotten worse. This is now exactly what’s happening to your friends at work, even though you can’t see it on the outside. The fix — the only fix — is to get to the root cause of the overweight problem and heal it once and for all. People who have a normal working metabolism never have to diet, even when they eat five times as much as you do now.

      Third, the key to raising slim children with healthy metabolisms is to feed them lots of good whole foods. That means actually cooking, and not buying processed foods. Which, I admit, is tough in this society. But it can be done, as I did with my son, who is now 25, 6 foot tall, and weighs 150 pounds with seven percent body fat.

      Specifically, this means a cooked breakfast of bacon or sausage and eggs and cheese and heavy cream, with whole milk to drink. No cereals or fruit juices of any time. Whole wheat bread toast is fine, as long as each slice has enough good butter on it to leave toothmarks in the bite! It means whole wheat sandwiches for lunch, with either lots of mayo and non-honeyed, non-sugared cold cuts, or no-sugar peanut butter and no-sugar fruit jam, along with carrot or celery sticks and a tasty no-sugar yogurt or sour cream dip. It means steaks and fish and burgers for dinner with lots of butter over everything, and pureed with heavy cream veggies as well as roasted veggies and baked potatoes with tons of butter and sour cream on it. Berries of all kinds served with home-made, no-sugar whipped cream for desserts, as well as cookies like homemade shortbread using light molasses for sweeteners, or wonderful olive oil orange cake, or homemade ice cream made with heavy cream, lots of egg yolks and bananas for sweetener. Low Sugar ketchup (Heinz makes a great one) on the occasional french fries, fried in coconut oil or lard. In other words, about a 180 degree turn from what you’re probably doing now. Your children will never be hungry after eating all that, will learn to cook with you in the kitchen, will be slim the rest of their lives if they eat this way, and will have more energy and alertness at school than they ever had.

      You’ll probably need to toss out most of what is in your kitchen now, and learn to read every label so nothing you buy has any sugar in any form on the ingredient list. If you don’t cook now, you’ll have to start, but that can be fun if you do it with your children. And you’ll undoubtedly catch grief from your pediatrician, so do some research of your own into the benefits of eating a sugar-free, fat-filled diet.

      Best wishes,


  10. Jennette says:

    Some of this is a little over my head, but I learn a lot when I read your posts. Keep up the great work!


  11. Britteny says:

    Thanks for the valuable information in your blog. I hope you will write more about this!


  12. Chris Wischmann says:

    Your blog is really amazing.


  13. Kimberly Aronhalt says:

    I’ve recently started a blog about nutrition, and the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously.

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